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Mobile Operators

epay powers programs for some of the largest Mobile Operators and MVNOs in the US. We work closely with each operator to implement the best solution to meet their needs and drive positive change to their distribution channels, while providing increased visibility and control.

Our always available, enterprise grade WebPOS platform is at the center of our Mobile Operator solution as it was purpose-built for the wireless channel. Our platform provides real-time activations of new subscribers, airtime refills, handset distribution, commissioning and many more services tailored for each of our partner’s needs.

epay is the best choice for Mobile Operators

  • Nationwide distribution
  • Subscriber provisioning
  • Real-time airtime account refills
  • Visibility, control, and influence
  • Program management

epay is the Best Choice

epay Dealer Network

Partnering with epay, Mobile Operators are provided access to our advanced technology and one of the largest prepaid wireless dealer networks in the US. epay has amassed tens of thousands of retail locations across the country that utilize our platform as a means for running their prepaid category.

Subscriber Activations

epay provisions new wireless subscribers and maintains accurate commissioning through a process that is designed to be quick and easy for our retailers. Commissions are paid quickly to our retailers providing them positive cash flow, which can be immediately reinvested in the mobile operator’s program. Thorough reporting is provided to retailers on every activation they process and commission they earned for quick and easy reconciliation.

Real-Time Account Refills

Prepaid wireless customers need convenient locations that are easy to access in their neighborhood to pay cash for their services. epay has assembled the largest and most comprehensive dealer network in the US covering all of the top markets and beyond. When Mobile Operators choose epay they are providing convenient access for their cash paying subscribers to refill their accounts and remain long term customers.

Visibility, Control & Influence

epay’s successful implementations with Mobile Operators have yielded unmistakable results providing full visibility of where their business is being conducted, which puts the Mobile Operator back in control of their distribution channel. With control comes the ability to influence the channel towards the goals and objectives that are important to the Mobile Operator and the channel at large.

Program Management

epay’s Program Management Team is a one-stop shop for everything a Mobile Operator needs. We assign a dedicated Program Manager to work side-by-side with the Mobile Operator to understand their distribution strategy and problem statements and then connect internally to design the perfect technical solution to meet their needs. They handle everything from building a new platform for promotions to adding a new product in our platform. Program management is the ideal concierge for any Mobile Operator.

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