Solutions Overview

Whether your business is nationwide retail, wireless operator, or consumer brand, epay delivers Platform-as-a-Service solutions enabling you to efficiently manage transactions, payments, content, and assets.

Solutions for Large Retailers

epay’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions can help retailers solve pain points in their business.

The epay Intelligent Switching Platform (ISP) is one such platform solution that combines many disparate retailer services such as bill payment, money transfer, money orders, prepaid mobile top ups, cash load, warranty services and product renewals into one seamless user interface.

Retailers enjoy benefits of ISP such as a single sign on for all transactions, unified reporting and reconciliation and infinite scaling as services change or are added to the platform. ISP delivers a robust technical solution to market very quickly and is flexible to allow retailers to adjust quickly to market demands.

Solutions for Mobile Operators

epay has deployed its PaaS solutions for mobile operators. The primary benefits to mobile operators are visibility and control over their business.

Visibility is enhanced by offering business intelligence tools that allow the mobile operator to better see their distribution, with the ability to drill down to make sure there is adequate market coverage without oversaturation that hurts dealer profitability.

Control means that there are tools built into the solution that allow dynamic commissioning to better compensate high performing dealers and allow passing on lower commissions to non-activating or poor performing dealers. The Mobile Operator Solution also has an advanced commission engine to accurately and timely pay dealer activation commissions.

Solutions for Large Brands

epay has deployed multiple solutions for large brands to help solve key problems.

The Digital Code Server, for example, is a PaaS solution that automates the distribution of PIN codes to the market, using an API toolset to connect to retailers and aggregators.

This DCS solution also manages the brand assets so that retailers and aggregators can access and download card art, fact sheets, terms and conditions and promotional materials in real time 24/7. This asset management tool reduces manual emails that lead to firewall blocks due to file size and ensures that brands and distribution partners are always in synch. Brands also are leveraging epay’s Dynamic Renewal engine, which provides retailers a way to enroll consumers in recurring billing programs. Such programs include annual or monthly software subscriptions and monthly/annual hardware warranty services.

Dynamic Renewal provides a pipeline into retailers to help brands quickly get subscription services to market. These services are in increasing demand from retailers as they look to generate recurring commissions from subscription services attached to hardware sales.

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