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epay is on the leading edge of innovation in electronic payment solutions, retail cash collection systems, including POS technical integrations, full settlement and reporting services, and comprehensive marketing and merchandising support. For service providers and content brands, epay delivers a global retail distribution network over a robust content delivery platform solution (PaaS).

Content Portfolio

The epay content portfolio is the most comprehensive prepaid product offering in the marketplace and includes branded and open loop gift cards, domestic and international mobile top-ups, reloadable debit cards, e-wallet and online account loading, digital streaming music and entertainment, and wide range of additional popular content.

Global Reach

epay is a global prepaid product provider and distribution network with a retail network of approximately 728,000 points of sale at approximately 339,000 retail locations globally including Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Austria, Switzeland, Nordic countries, Greece, India, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

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* As of May 2023. See updated figures at www.euronetworldwide.com.

Kevin Caponecchi

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Caponecchi

Kevin Caponecchi joined as President of Euronet Worldwide in July 2007. As President, Kevin is responsible for the strategic planning, operations and management of Euronet. In 2011, Kevin also assumed responsibility for the management of epay (Euronet’s Prepaid segment) on a global basis. He decided to directly manage the business during a time of transition and great opportunity. In this role, he oversees the growth of the segment while exploring new business opportunities, new partnerships and new markets.

Kevin has 18 years of domestic and international management experience with various GE businesses. Prior to joining Euronet, he served as president for GE Transportation’s Global Signaling business.

President and Global Products Director

Bryan Zingg

Bryan Zingg joined epay in 2004, subsequent to Euronet’s acquisition of Precept, a prepaid processing company in Irvine, California. Originally appointed as Director of Business Development, he has progressed in various roles within epay. In 2010 Bryan was appointed as epay’s Global Products Director, and by 2014, he took on additional responsibility as President of epay North America. In this role he leads an 1130+ member team that delivers prepaid product distribution and technology solutions.

Prior to joining Precept in 2004, Bryan spent three years in the prepaid industry as VP of Sales for a prepaid home dial tone company. He received his degree in business administration at the University of San Diego.

Executive Vice President of Sales

Jay Cisinsky

Jay Cisinsky joined epay in 2008 as Vice President of Indirect Distribution where he developed and led an indirect sales channel of top independent wireless retailers for the nation’s largest mobile operators. He is an established executive leader in the wireless industry, drawing from a robust background of creating profitable distribution channels and successful sales teams, resulting in substantial revenues for employers throughout his career. In 2015 he was appointed to his current role as Executive Vice President of Sales where his responsibilities include support of all existing customers and partners with focus on developing new lines of business.

Prior to Euronet, Jay worked for Blackhawk Network where he assumed the role of Vice President of Channel Sales after playing a key role in the acquisition of his previous employer, EWI Prepaid. He most recently relocated from his hometown of San Diego, California to office at Euronet’s headquarters in Leawood, Kansas.

Vice President, Operations and Customer Care

Carol Weber

Carol Weber joined epay in 2014 as Director of Customer Care. She is responsible for overseeing and managing the international contact center in El Salvador, which supports epay in North America, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. Since joining the company, she has also assumed responsibility for product operations, commissions, epay’s network operations center and the professional services teams responsible for IT project management.

During her tenure, Carol has created and implemented an omnichannel strategy to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Using a data-driven approach, she has successfully developed business cases for investing in technology-based operational tools, improved efficiency through automated processes, and increased productivity through optimizing resources.

Vice President, Software Engineering & Chief Architect

Chad Allen

Chad Allen joined epay in 2007 as a Senior Software Architect leading the technical direction and development of epay’s US transaction processing platform, including proprietary third-party point of sale integrations, as well as the company’s billing and settlement platform. In 2015 he was appointed as Director, Principal Architect and then garnered additional responsibility in 2017 as Director of Software Engineering and Principal Architect. Chad is a thought leader developing proven solutions for key brands and retailers. His team is responsible for all transaction processing services for epay’s US and Brazil businesses, the billing platforms for the company’s US, Australia, and New Zealand businesses, platform as a service (PaaS) solutions, software as a service (SaaS) solutions, and many other strategic global projects.

Before joining epay, Chad spent 12 years in the healthcare and engineering industries in technical and leadership roles.

James Dawkins

Euronet Director of DevOps

James Dawkins

James Dawkins joined epay in 2011 as Senior Network Engineer, Engineering Manager, and in 2017 was appointed as Director of IT for Euronet Americas with responsibility of all hosted SaaS and PaaS solutions. He now serves as Euronet’s Director of DevOps, managing a global team of administrators and engineers who improve uptime and reliability of all of the company’s platforms, security postures, compliance metrics, and operational efficiencies.

Prior to joining epay, James spent 6 years as a network engineer for a national law firm managing a network of 20 office locations and 3 data centers.

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